RANCH 616 construction has begun!

We are grateful for our customers who ask if we’re open or opening, and we’re so pleased to announce that we’ll be ready to see y’all back at the Ranch before Christmas.

As always, we’re grateful for the many friendships built here in the heart of Austin and for your years of patronage.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back soon.

- Chef/Owner Kevin Williamson


PS We are getting a lot of press shedding light on the origins of our Original Ranch Water and want to thank everyone:

M. Carrie Allan, spirits columnist, The Washington Post

“The closest I found to a plausible originator and namer is Kevin Williamson, chef and owner of Ranch 616 in Austin"

David Alan, Tipsy Texan author & Kevin Gray of Thrillist

“If Kevin didn’t invent this drink at Ranch 616, then I don’t know who did”

Wayne Alan Brenner of Austin Chronicle

“Kevin Williamson, the owner of Austin’s Ranch 616 since 1998, has finally gotten credit (in the Washington Post, no less) for having invented that refreshing elixir"

Restaurant News

“Chef/Owner of Iconic Austin Ice-House Credited as Originator of Texas’ Ranch Water Cocktail. Ranch 616 opened in Austin in 1998, featuring the original Ranch Water cocktail, and has helped spread the drink through Texas”

David Alan, Director of Mixology at Patron & Mark Stock, The Manual

“It began as a mainstay at Ranch 616 in Austin, Texas before being picked up and exported by the Marfa crowd”

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