All Tequila is Mezcal

The Mezcal family of liquors is produced all over Mexico using members of the Agave (Maguey) family. Depending on the type of Agave, the plant is harvested when it’s 7-15 years old and weighs 15-150 pounds. The heart of the starchy plant is cooked and sugary juice is extracted, fermented and multi- distilled. Altitude, soil, drainage, aspect and ripeness all affect the Agave’s flavor. History, area tradition, and technique inform the distiller’s unique art. Jalisco and Tamaulipas use Blue Weber to make Tequila. In the Oaxacan Mountains of Mexico, 900 miles south of Austin and 8,000 feet in the air, the finest Agave liquors in the world are organically produced in artisan quantities. These piñas are roasted in earthen pits and left in the shade to ferment before crushing, fermenting and distilling.


Centenario Reposado

produced with a process called Seleccion Suave

Gran Centenario Añejo

aged up to 3 years in Limousine oak

Chinaco Blanco | 9

clean and light with a peppery finish

Chinaco Reposado | 10

earthy Agave and spiced with chamomile and citrus

Chinaco Añejo | 11

up to 4 years in oak, made 550 miles due south in Tamaulipas

Don Julio Blanco | 8

pure Agave nose with pepper, grass, and citrus

Don Julio Reposado | 10

cinnamon and honey smoke with cocoa notes

Don Julio Añejo | 11

aged in white oak for 18 months; honey, vanilla and smoke

Dulce Vida Blanco ~ | 10

100% agave! 100% organic! 100 proof!

Dulce Vida Reposado | 11

100% organic! aged 11 months in American Oak

Dulce Vida Añejo | 12

Dulce Vida Añejo ~ Aged 2 years in American Oak Kentucky whiskey barrels

El Jimador Blanco | 5

100% Agave, smooth, and zesty; no oak

Espolon Blanco | 7

rich roasted agave with a long spicy finish

Espolon Reposado | 8

a rich taste with a hint of caramel fudge

Herradura Silver | 7

aged in oak for 40 days, citrus with a hint of pepper

Herradura Reposado | 8

one of the standards, rested 12 months in oak

Herradura Añejo | 10

aged 25 months. Savor it like a fine whisky

Hornitos Reposado | 6

rested in large oak vats for smoothness; a perfect mixer

Milagro Silver | 7

triple ~ distilled in small batches. Crisp and clear

Milagro Reposado | 8

triple ~ distilled in small batches. Aged 6 months

Patron Silver | 9

smooth with a hint of oak and white pepper; long finish

Patron Reposado | 10

fresh clean taste with a hint of oak

Patron Añejo | 12

a blend of Tequilas aged in white oak for at least a year

Don Julio 1942 | 20

aged 30 months; nuts, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and fruit

El Tesoro Paradiso | 25

aged 5 years in cognac barrels, worthy of it’s name

Casa Dragones | 40

handcrafted in small batches, sipping tequila at it’s best

Avion Silver

Avion Reposado

Avion Anejo

Blue Nectar Silver

Blue Nectar Reposado

Blue Nectar Anejo

Milagro Silver Reserve

Milagro Reposado Reserve

Milagro Anejo Reserve

Mastro Dobel

Siembra Azul Blanco

Siembra Azul Reposado

Tequila Cabeza

Casa Sauza Extra Anejo

Clase Azul Reposado

Mezcal "Sip it... Don't shoot it."

Ilegal Mezcal Joven | 10

notes of smoke, agave, and pepper

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado | 14

aged five months in oak barrels; smooth finish

Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal | 8

Agave-syrup-laced mezcal

Del Maguey Minero | 10

produced in a clay-and-bamboo still; smoke, and figs

Del Maguey Tobala | 16

made in very small batches with the “truffle” of Oaxaca

Del Maguey Pechuga | 30

distilled with fruits, nuts and a whole chicken in the still

Del Maguey Vida