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Recommended by 559 people
Recommended by 559 people
Dec 29, 2021
Jenny Thomas
Always my go to restaurant when I visit Austin 😍 
Dec 21, 2021
Dianna Mejia
Really solid place to eat. Food is always really tasty, drinks are always good, and service is always friendly. 
Aug 9, 2021
Dawn Svor
May 5, 2021
Justin Archuleta
Some of the best-tasting food I have ever had! We sat outside and it was very pleasant. The bartender was very friendly and most helpful with...  Read more
May 2, 2021
Elizabeth Aiden
Ranch 616 has the best fried oysters and (no pun intended) AMAZING ranch dressing! Also, the fried calamari is to die for! Can’t wait until the...  Read more
Mar 24, 2021
Grey Goose

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