K Williamson

Chef & Owner

Born and raised in Austin, Kevin started his career in cooking after various stints in real estate and on Wall Street, cooking in La Jolla, New York City, and the famous Ajax Tavern in Aspen, N.M. He relocated back to the city in 1996 to work as a head chef at the original Central Market. In 1998, Kevin opened up Ranch 616, a South Texas-style icehouse reminiscent of his many years hunting and fishing in South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Ranch 616 combines the flavors of the Gulf Coast with the spices of Texas border towns. The restaurant and its various foods have won numerous awards;...


Chef & Co-Owner

Antonio Vidal, chef and co-owner of Ranch 616, began cooking at a young age. Born inBellflower, California and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Antonio loved playing football;his grandmother’s house rule was that he had to help her make dinner before he couldplay. In time, Antonio’s love of cooking eclipsed his love of football.At sixteen, Antonio began his career as a cook at Po’ Folks, an American familyrestaurant chain. Following high school graduation, he worked as a chef in San Antonio,Texas at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk, followed by the Hyatt Regency, Sheraton Posada,and the American...


Though we come from all over, we share a love for life. Good food, drink, and fun is how we share it with you. - G.M. Preston Nagel